Program guide

Discover the thousand faces of Lake Balaton with our program guide!

Program guide

The Lake Balaton offers many recreational opportunities. Cultural programs, festivals, excursion routes, historical sites make the holiday meaningful.

Excursion to Alsóörs and its surroundings

Alsóörs is a real gem among the villages on Lake Balaton. Take a walk in the Village, stand a minute before the Reformed Church. A 15 to 20-minute walk from the church, you can reach the Somlyó Hill look-out tower, renovated in 2015, from where you can admire the panorama. Alsóörs is one of the country's oldest gothic courtyards, a Turkish house built around 1500, which now serves as an exhibition venue and has a wonderful view of Lake Balaton from its courtyard. As the last stop of the walk we recommend the outdoor theater called amphitheater, which was previously used as a quarry.

Veszprém Zoo

Not far from Alsóörs, about 15 kilometers away you can find the Zoo of Veszprém, which is a real relaxation for both young and old. In addition to the special animals, there is a children's adventure park and the individually designed Puppy Jungle Playground. From the spring of 2018, Dino Park will open again, where visitors can get to know the work of archaeologists and the world of dinosaurs. With many attractions and programs from the Veszprém Zoo, it is a full day experience!


We also have to travel a little over 15 kilometers and arrive in Tihany, the capital of lavender. Tihany is one of the most beautiful settlements in Hungary. Visiting the Abbey is an almost compulsory program and you should listen to the well-known echo. On the way to the Abbey, we can have lunch in a pleasant environment and have coffee. If you are already here, take a stroll along the Inner Lake of Tihany and feel free to take the path to the geyser field. Peace, peace and wonderful natural values await us!

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